When I get requests for photo sessions I hear very often: "My husband doesn't like to be photographed, 2 hours of shooting is too much for him". Andrey and Mariana had the same fears. They thought they will pose in front of my camera during 2 hours and it's going to be tedious. I can imagine this stress! Most probably I would be worried too.


But no, fortunately my photo sessions are not like that. Most of the time they are light and playful. I'm not going to pounce on you with my camera. We talk all the time and we move all the time. In the very beginning of the photo session you still can feel a bit shy, but then it passes.


Also, I can't say that all photo sessions go on without my interference and that everything happens by itself and I just run around and press the shutter. I wish it worked like that :) Sometimes when the temperament of the couple is too calm, I can conduct the situation. That is how the staged reportage occurs and those сandid photos appear. But people on the photos don't do nothing that is not common or not comfortable for them.


However, I still do the staged part of the photo session, when I tell you how to pose, where to look at, where to put your arms. You can find these posed photographs in this one and in other photo sessions on my site. But usually this part doesn't last more than 20 minutes total.