Kate and Alexander got married in Moscow a few days before and then picked up Kate’s wedding dress (and even the bouquet!) and ran away to Portugal to enjoy its views, the sea and, of course, each other.


They stayed in a gorgeous place, Pestana Palace in Lisbon and invited me to make a photo session there and then by the sea, in a place called Guincho. 


The first part of the photo session, from Pestana Palace, is a little more contrived, and the second part, from Guincho, is much more relaxed. The place matters. The movements of the sea and wind make us feel free and for a moment we regain the child inside of us. 


...In the very end, when the sun had already hid behind the horizon and the darkness was almost around us, Kate and Alex stopped… and then they suddenly bowed, just like little actors on the huge stage of the Atlantic ocean.